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The Importance of Play

As part of the Playgarden community, you hear a lot about the importance of play. It is the true work of the young child. Play gives children the opportunity to fully inhabit their bodies, express their emotions, and work out of their own will.

This podcast (link below) with Sharifa Oppenheimer does a wonderful job of not only describing play through the eyes of a child, but also supports adults in their endeavor to nurture this work of a child and, in turn, nurture the child's growth and development. Childhood is not just a stage to "get through" before a child becomes an adult; and a child isn't just a miniature adult. Just like a building, a child's development is a process of scaffolding, each layer just as important as the next. To skip a step is to the detriment of what's to come. To take the time to allow each stage to be fully experienced and nurtured provides for the full human experience.

Here are some suggested topics to ponder as you listen to the first half of the podcast:

How do family rhythms and technology impact a child's play? How and why does a child imitate others in their environment? How do adults and children process information differently? ("Thinking it through" and "Playing it through")

What is the adult's role in a child's play?

What is the role of conflict and cooperation in a child's play?

How does play support neural development and future academics?

How does the natural world support a child's development?

Enjoy this podcast and share with a friend! Podcast link: ‎We Nurture: S3E4: The Importance of Play on Apple Podcasts


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