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January 2020

1/1st-3rd- Winter break (NO SCHOOL)

1/2nd- OPEN ENROLLMENT returning families

1/11th, 18th, & 25th- Parent child

1/17th- School is in session *Weather Make up day 

1/20th- Martin Luther King Jr. day (NO SCHOOL)

1/25th- Chili cook off NEW DATE



2/1st, 8th, & 15th- Parent child

2/2rd- New family Enrollment

2/14th- Teacher planning day (NO SCHOOL)

2/17th- Presidents day School in Session *Weather Make Up day

2/22nd- 25TH ANNIVERSARY OPEN HOUSE 10:25-2:25



3/3rd- Miss Adana’s BF & Miss Kalie’s DF  Dutton Island trip

3/4th- Miss Natalie’s & Miss Marcella’s HB Dutton Island trip

3/5th- Miss Marcella’s BF & Miss Kalie’s DF  Dutton Island trip

3/6th- Miss Adana’s & Miss Landis’ HB  Dutton Island trip

7th-14th- LifeWays training

9th-13th- Spring break (NO SCHOOL)

              -Spring Break FOREST Camp

27th- Teacher planning day (NO SCHOOL)

       -Open board meeting

28th- Treasure and Trinket sale



4th- Community work day

10th- Spring holiday (NO SCHOOL)

17th- Silent Auction @ Jax Brunchhaus 

11th, 18th, & 25th- Parent child

27th- Open board meeting



2nd- May Day festival

25th- Memorial Day (NO SCHOOL)

28th- Last day of school

28TH- 5PM at Dolphin Park: flyaway & end of year potluck

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