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October 27 9-10 am

Why Babies Matter: The Core Story of Brain Architecture from Pregnancy Through Infancy 

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Welcome to
Newborn TOUCH Essentials 

 Just-in-time skills to help your newborn 

💟 cry less, 

💟 sleep more &

💟 flourish as they develop

Pregnancy is an extraordinary time of adventure, planning and preparation, yet few expectant families master the essential steps needed to help their newborn cry less, sleep more and flourish as they develop. 


The happiest new parents acquire these vital skills before their newborn arrives. As you transition from pregnancy to parenting, you will increase your family’s wellbeing by participating in Newborn TOUCH Basics.  


Your new knowledge and skill-set includes:

— Newborn essentials for the “4th Trimester” of development,

— Touch and massage techniques,

— Observation skills to learn cues unique to newborns,

— Understanding the best responses to those cues,

— Communication through relationship-based skills, and

— Holds and positions newborns love.

Newborn TOUCH is a 4-hour, in person and online course

you can begin now. Your journey is guided by Chris Lester,

founder of Newborn TOUCH Community, Inc.

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Chris Lester, M.ED, IMH-E® is Co-Founder of The Playgarden, Author of Newborn TOUCH Basics and the Newborn TOUCH Instructor Course. She is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Infant Family Specialist looking forward to connecting with you on your journey to motherhood.

Chris brings to her role as an Infant Family Specialist over 30 years of experience in developmentally supportive and family-centered care for newborns and infants in both hospital and community settings. As a Developmental Educator in a Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Chris created numerous innovative programs and received multiple funding and
program recognition awards to include a United Way Award for Advocacy. She has created four courses to translate findings from medical research into daily care practices and has trained over 400 parents and professionals.

Chris is the founder of Newborn Touch Community, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to helping babies cry less, sleep more and flourish as they develop.

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Contact Chris:

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