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An Instrument in Life

Sewing is a domestic art that is both practical in life and very instrumental in fostering the fine motor skills that will later be applied to writing. Not only does sewing help to develop the muscles in the fingers, the stitching helps to give a child experience with spacing, which will later translate into letter and word spacing. On another level, it also helps to strengthen their patience, perseverance, and their appreciation for the process not just the product, which are all skills that will serve them well in life.

I personally love these moments that I get to spend with each individual child at The Playgarden preschool in Jacksonville Beach. I learn so much about them as I watch their fingers move and their mind focus. This one-on-one time is when stories begin to flow: Stories about their families, their friends, and adventures that they have been on or have dreams of one day embarking on.

It is an honor to spend this time with the children and hear their stories.


Miss Anna

If you are interested in learning more about sewing or other motor skills, please contact our little preschool and kindergarten in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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