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January Newsletter

Free Stuff!

Tuesday, February 28th 6:30pm - 8:30pm REI Jacksonville Town Center

Miss Lynn will be sharing the joy of the Forest Kindergarten program! There will be a viewing of the Kid's Gone Wild Denmark video and the premier of The Playgarden's very own Forest Kindergarten video! REI will have some cool giveaways too. Please come out and show your support and help Miss Lynn share our love of The Playgarden!


Parent Child Classes start March 29th!

Every Wednesday 4-Week Session 9:00 - 11:00am The Cottage House

This 4-week class is devoted to early childhood and enduring it's special time, for both mother and child. Our children are born into the world ready to grow and develop into happy, healthy, resilient, and resourceful adults. Research and the experience have shown what elements are needed in the environments and the experiences of children to promote their healthy development. This same research and professional experience has also identified many factors that can hinder this development and cause difficulties. We will explore ways to use this information in your home and tailor it to meet your unique needs. This course is Led by Miss Kate Massey, an experienced Waldorf Early Childhood teacher trained in caring for ages birth to three.


The Playgarden Block Party @ the 10th Annual Donna Marathon

Sunday, February 12th

We are excited to support this local event...and do a little advertising while we're at it. We will be handing out waters and lemonade as the runners come by on 2nd St near the school. Please sign up to volunteer and support our community (and earn your volunteer hours while at it).


Don't Miss a Walk In the Woods with Miss Lynn

First Saturday of Every Month @ 9am Dutton Island Preserve (the island)

Call the office at 904-241-3259 or email Miss Lynn ( to reserve your spot!

Know your child is ready for this amazing, life changing, experience. You and your children will get a taste of the Forest Kindergarten! Miss Lynn will take you on a free hike, help you forage for a snack and enjoy story time in nature.

The Playgarden’s Forest Kindergarten provides an entirely outdoor early childhood education program for preschool and kindergarten age children. The children spend the entire school day outdoors, on field trips to local forested parks.

Why Forest Kindergarten?

Because we can! Our local parks make exploring our unique barrier island easily accessible for our daily field trips. The benefits of schooling outside in nature for young children are well researched and documented. The Playgarden will honor the research and provide an exemplary outdoor educational experience for our children. Each part of our daily rhythm is designed with this in mind.

Just like our traditional programs at The Playgarden, we recognize the benefits of following a predictable rhythm to bring order to our time in the Forest. The timing of our activities, snack and story will be flexible. We will follow an orderly rhythm and flow through our day, allowing plenty of time for personal discoveries and moments of wonder.

“Research indicates student achievement levels rise in core academic areas, including reading, math, and science, when learning takes place in more natural settings,” says Robyn Bjornsson of the Children & Nature Network, a nonprofit that is leading a movement to reconnect children with nature. (article here)

“A growing body of scientific evidence identifies strong correlations between experience in the natural world and children’s ability to learn, along with their physical and emotional health. Stress levels, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive functioning—and more—are positively affected by time spent in nature.” Richard Louv; Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Children & Nature Network. (article here)


Chili Cook Off

Saturday, February 25th 10:30am - 1:30pm Bull Park in Atlantic Beach A time to gather, enjoy each others company, and learn about everyone's chili cooking skills. Join us for an amazing family event enjoyed by all.


Remember we are Nut Free!

As you are packing your child's lunch for the school day please be mindful that The Playgarden is a nut free school. There are some children attending that are highly allergic!


Party Time!

The Playgarden playground is now available for your child's party, up to age 7! Reserve the space for all the fun you need....up to 3 hrs on weekends. Please contact the office to reserve and for more details.

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