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A Day At Dutton

The annual Dutton Island field trip was a magical one. New and old friends came together across all the classes, snacks were shared, and trees were climbed. I can't remember, but maybe we found that hill off in the brush again this year? The look outs were dazzling and the light danced across the water. Seeing families come together in nature is what our Jacksonville preschool and kindergarten is all about!

It was the perfect day for spending time together in nature! The weather was cool and lovely—just right for hiking, playing by the water, looking for critters, and visiting with friends. Miss Jen told me how wonderful it was to share this day with the children and parents.

In addition to our field trip before Spring Break, the children had so much fun setting out traps to catch that tricky little Shawn Shawn the Leprechaun. We thought he would surely fall for our clever little traps, but the only thing we caught were the CHILDREN! Somehow that little leprechaun got around us and, while we were outside making our traps, that tricky little Leprechaun made mischief's in our playroom. He turned over chairs and hung our silks from the ceiling fans. As Shawn Shawn made his a mess, he also scattered shamrocks and green leprechaun jewels all around. The children were excited and delighted to find the treasures he had left behind in the big big mess.

Looking forward to many more warm smiles from your children!


Miss Adana and Miss Laura

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