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Happiest of New Years!

As this year gives way to the next, I feel a true gratitude for my life, my work, and for all of you. Each child and each family is a unique and bright light in the school. I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching many classes and each one surprises me with entirely fresh joys and insights. All day I am immersed in the wonder of the child-mind, watching as the children greet the world and build profound connections with each other. And each day I see you, the parents, at the doors and gates as you trust your children to my care. In these brief moments I see the loving life you’ve built around your children, I hear snippets about your days, and I watch you celebrate your child’s interests. It is this connection, this exchange and support, that fills me with the deepest gratitude. I feel so blessed to know each one of you on a personal level and to know that we are joined together in our wish to provide and care for the head, heart, and hands of these beautiful children

Let me wish you the happiest Happy New Year!! 2018 is sure to be full of new possibilities and opportunities, countless blessings, and, no doubt, the necessary challenges that help us learn and develop. Whether you make resolutions or simply welcome the change, the start of the new year is a time of invigorating energy and clarity.


Also coming in the new year is The Playgarden’s Simplicity Parenting class series. These four classes are focused around Kim Payne’s excellent book Simplicity Parenting and are intended to offer practical and meaningful household structures to support you and your relationship with your child. I’ve attached a PDF with more information about each class in the series. If you would like to apply please do so here.

With Reflection & Much Gratitude,

Miss Adana

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