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Dragonfly Forest

2,3 and 5 Day Programs

8:30am - 2pm


Classes in Hanna Park and Wednesdays in the Cottage


See Tuition & Fees Here

Watch this video to learn what makes the Dragonfly Forest program so special:

The Dragonfly Forest program takes place at local forested parks. This type of program is so important for today’s young children and too valuable to pass up. We live in Florida; of course, we can have school outside! Our local parks provide the perfect setting with Florida scrub hammock, forest, wetland, dunes, and beach all in one location.  The long term benefits of learning outside in nature are well researched and documented. The Playgarden will honor the research and provide an exemplary outdoor educational experience for our children.  Just like our traditional programs, we recognize the benefits of following a predictable rhythm to bring order to our time in the Forest.  Each part of our forest rhythm is designed with this in mind and includes circle time, story-time, nature hike, snack, outdoor artistic activities, cooking and baking and of course lots of time for play, observation and wonder. 

All of our programs are mixed age.  The Dragonfly and Dragonfly Forest Programs offer additional curriculum for Kindergarten age children.

Interested in learning more? Please schedule a tour or contact the office at 904-241-3259.


Jungle Gym
Miss Lynn
What do you see
Stick Fishing
Miss Lynn balancing
Waters edge 2
Waters edge
Camp fire
Michaelmas Lanterns
Birthday Rainbow Bridge
Winter spiral 2
Hiking in the forest


"We enrolled our children in Forest Kindergarten because our research into best-practices for young childhood education repeatedly emphasized the importance of free-play and exposure to the natural world. This experience ingrains creativity, problem-solving skills and social, emotional, and physical healthy practices into young children that are then carried into adolescence and adulthood. Now, having seen our children flourish during and after their Forest K years, we have witnessed firsthand the truth of this research in a very granular way. We firmly believe Forest Kindergarten is the absolute best environment for children aged 4-6 and wish this was our standard of education for all children in the United States."

~ Matthew & Hillary G.

"I just wanted to tell you your Forest Kindergarten has done Harvey so well. I took him on a little excursion to the Timucuan Preserve and Big Talbot yesterday with a friend, and he was absolutely fearless and ready for so much adventure! He was also well behaved and told me so many things about our surroundings. Thank you for what you do and running such a great school ❤️." (Picture above is of Harvey being fearless)

~ Lisa S.

"Our child is currently participating in his second year of The Playgarden's Forest Kindergarten. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow stronger in both will and body over the past two years. He has developed a keen awareness for the world around him and an appreciation for both the power and delicacy of nature. It is this foundation that has begun to propel him onto a path of joyful, life-long learning. 

This program is new and unique to our area, however older, similar programs in Europe have consistently been shown to be beneficial to a child's growth and in the development of their academic foundation.  Yes, research supports these benefits, but more importantly our son is walking proof of its important role and effectiveness in raising empathetic, passionate learners."

~ Dallas & Anna B.

"The joy that comes to my son's face when I tell him it's a Forest Kindergarten day is amazing.  He loves literally every part of it and won't stop talking to anyone who will listen about his adventures in the forest or on the beach.  To begin his schooling years this way, with such a deep appreciation of learning that is not contained within four walls, is immeasurable.  We are so grateful to the folks at The Playgarden for creating and continuing a program such as this and hope to be able to support it for many years to come."

~ Sunshine S.

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