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Two Days in Cottage House

8:45am - 11:45am

Schedule, Tuition & Fees

The Butterfly program provides a nurturing foundation for the younger child.  In a warm, loving, homelike environment and through the use of natural and open-ended toys, we nourish the mind and senses to assist in the development of the whole child.  Our playthings are made from natural materials, simply shaped to allow the child's imagination to bring them to life: shells, stones, logs and branches, veils of rainbow-colored fabric, sheep's wool, wooden blocks, and cloth dolls.  The curriculum is centered on the rhythm of the day, which smoothly transitions between learning through imitation, imaginative free play, experiencing nature, and engaging the imagination through circle and story time. This is often the first time your child has been away from you for an extended period of time. This transition can be new for the child and parent.  It is The Playgarden’s goal to gently welcome your child into our warm homelike setting.  

Children must be potty trained before attending. 

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