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Forest Gnomeschool

A nature immersion kindergarten
enrichment group

Forest Gnomeschool is a nature immersion supplementary kindergarten enrichment resource where a child has the opportunity to delve into the true work of childhood: PLAY!

All while allowing nature to do its work of nurturing the growing child; physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Forest Gnomeschool welcomes

kindergarten age 5-6 year olds,

meeting 9-1 pm, Monday-Thursday

under the guidance and care of a

LifeWays Certified Teacher and Assistant.

Forest Gnomeschool Kindergarten is sponsored by The Playgarden, Inc. Nonprofit Organization Registration #CH42628

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what parents are saying

"We absolutely love the magical natural setting, the loving and stimulating atmosphere.  We completely identify with your philosophy.  Providing a warm, loving environment where kids can develop in a natural setting that is free and stimulating is paramount."

-forest parent


support for Nature immersion

Improves self-discipline, reduces stress, builds confidence, creates life long stewards of nature

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